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Nebula antibody development platform

The Nebula Antibody Platform is a novel, proprietary, cost-effective, custom antibody generation platform that enables incremental antibody development from biomarker discovery to therapeutics.

This allows for the development of new high-affinity antibodies for a broad spectrum of applications for the detection, quantification, imaging of relevant biomarkers and the development of new recombinant antibody-based drugs. The Nebula Antibody Platform takes advantage of the unique characteristics of chicken IgY antibodies in a simultaneously dual antibody generation process; large quantities of immunoaffinity-purified polyclonal antibodies can be extracted by proprietary methods from the eggs of immunized hens and high-affinity, humanizable, recombinant antibodies can be derived from collected immune cells.

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Chicken IgY: Higher affinity and specificity

  • Higher affinity and specificity: Because of 100 million years of evolutionary distance between chicken and mammals
  • Defined epitopes: Most of our antibodies are generated and purified using 6-18 aa peptides
  • Less background: Chicken IgY antibodies do not bind to Fc receptors of immune cells of mammals, nor do they bind to the complement and other rheumatoid factors
  • Easily multiplexable: Just simply add a third antibody to your immunoassays

How does it work ? (3-step development)

To meet your specific needs and expectations, our antibody development process consists of 3 phases under strict confidentiality


We gather antibody requirements, evaluate the feasibility and submit a customized proposal that defines our peptide selection, timelines and cost.


Following the design’s approval, the peptide (or other target molecule) is synthesized. We start with a 60 to 90-day immunization proprietary program that allows the generation of polyclonal and recombinant antibodies. After the immunization program, Polyclonal antibodies are extracted from the eggs and purified by immunoaffinity. Recombinant antibodies are generated from the collected immune cells and high affinity and specificity antibodies are selected.


Support and Validation
Custom antibodies are shipped as soon as possible to accelerate your research. Our support team will help you validate and define the best conditions for your custom antibody for the relevant applications (ELISA, Western blot, IHC/IF, Cytometry).

[IBIO - 02885] Logo_Sunshine-4_PositifCustom Polyclonal Antibody Projects

• Free antibody design (get it now)

• Wide range of antigens possible: recombinant/purified protein, peptides, post-translantionally modified peptides, hormones, etc.

• PhD level support team

Custom Polyclonal Antibody

  • Made from eggs, not blood: Ethical and eco-friendly antibody production
  • Quantities to meet every need: Fully scalable antibody production from mg to g
  • Fast generation: Rapid generation of antibodies (tens of mg in <120 days)
  • Less background: IgY antibodies do not cross-react with other mammalian secondary antibodies, do not bind to Fc receptors of immune cells, the complement and rheumatoid factors of mammals. IgY antibodies do not bind to protein A or protein G (less backgroung with bacteria-rich samples)
  • Compatible with all immunoassays: ELISA, Western blot (WB), Immunohistochemistry (IHC)/Immunofluorescence (IF), Cytometry (Cyt), Immunoprecipitation (IP), Dot blot (Dot), etc.
  • Unique affinity against post-translational modified proteins: Chicken antibodies recognize phospho-proteins with outstanding precision (see JBC paper)

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Custom Recombinant Antibody projects

• Please inquire for a quote (Special rates available for Academia)

• Free antibody design (get it now)

• Wide range of antigens and selection strategies possible: recombinant/purified protein, peptides, post-translantionally modified peptides, hormones, etc.

• PhD level support team

Custom Recombinant Antibody

  • Richer and more diversified recombinant antibody librairies: Because of evolutionary distance between chicken and mammals and chicken humoral immune response may be composed up to 16 clones (compared to 2-3 for mammals)
  • Easy to humanize without affinity loss: Because of their unique structure and clone selection
  • Several antibody configuration available (and more to come): ScFv, diabody, bispecific diabody, full humanized antibodies, etc.
  • Easily produced in several cell models: bacteria, yeast, insect cell lines, mammalian cell lines

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